Bio: 61 year old male. 6' 1'' (186cm). 195 lbs (88.4 kg). Former YMCA fitness instructor.
This website shows simply what I do to be fit, including the people and science that inform my lifestyle.
Question: Why fitness? Why do it?      Answer: Squaring the longevity curve.
What is Longevity? | Peter Attia, M.D.

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I am on a high animal protein, high saturated fats diet, and plants are almost exclusively peppers and onions.

My diet is fundamentally opposed to carb consumption because of carbs increase body fat and lower testosterone. Sugar is an extreme no, and since alcohol is essentially a super-sugar it is a never level no.

Why the war on carbs and especially sugar and alcohol? Because with each moment of consumption testosterone drops.

The goal is maximum muscle support, maximum testosterone level and minimum body fat. Since body fat secretes estrogen and thus diminishes testosterone the incentive to keep body fat low is even more serious.

I entirely quite consuming alcohol February 2022. Not one beer since. I have a quirky, unusual story of that final week when the drinking stopped  > Kindle: Tale of 22022022 112200.

Typical Meals
  • Several sweet peppers consumed while cooking meal. 5-6 eggs with one Mexican green onion and white mushrooms. Optional: one hamburger patty. Optional but this is a negative strike against testosterone: 2 slices of sourdough bread grilled in olive oil. Non-fat milk.
  • Several sweet peppers. Two servings of smoked salmon. Optional: Apple. Water.
  • Several sweet peppers consumed while cooking meal. Two hamburger patties. Non-fat milk.
  • Vitamin D.
  • Vitamin K.


One day a week I am going to a spa with sauna, steam sauna, salt hot room and multiple temps of whirlpools. Per some data/study promoted by Andrew Huberman the greatest benefit is with a once a week sauna routine, 3 X 30 minutes. You can see from my routines below I fall short of that ideal. The two drinks below have a dramatic effect on my sauna visits. The daily greens I just tried for the first time last week and it changed all sauna time to far easier.

Bolthouse Farms Daily GreensGatorlyte
  • Suana 20-30 minutes (try to do 30).
  • Salt Room (less hot sauna with salt brick walls) 30-60 minutes.
  • 10 minutes hot tub, then 10 minutes legs in cold water, then 10 minutes hot this alternating cycle 4 or more times.


I work night shift Monday - Friday.

  • Sleep 9am-2:30pm. Wake and pick up my son at school.
  • Sleep 5pm-8:30pm. Wake and get ready to start work at midnight.



Recommended people and sources

Dr. Peter Attia YouTube/@PeterAttiaMD/about

Dr Peter Attia's is a hard science based advocate for longevity - more specifically high quality of life longevity - via fitness, diet and fasting. If you are asking yourself the why of strength training, the answer is in Pete Attia's presentation of data showing how certain fitness measures are a greater gain in longevity over any medical prescription or intervention. Sorry for the long sentence. Dr Attia's grounding in hard science and clear presentation of a message that could more dramatically change your later years is worth longer sentences and indepth study.

Pavel Tsatsouline

Tsatsouline on Variable Load and Optimal Resistance Training

Pavel Tsatsouline's interview on Joe Rogan Experience is a highly valuable reference document for several topics. In this chapter of the clip Pavel gives a detailed quantitative description of optimal weight training, with a useful reference for the variable load concept.

Tsatsouline speaking on mitochondrial health as the most fundamental and universal basis of pursuing health.

Tsatsouline on Training Fast Twitch Type 2 Fibers for Mitochondrial Health

All the timestamped links below are to the YouTube video Bodyweight, Barbell, Kettlebell - Which is Best? | Pavel Tsatsouline | Joe Rogan

6:28: " we grow older...there is a loss of Type 2 muscle fibers..."

6:43: "...metabolically needed for the body to be healthy, to process sugars, etc...."

7:17: "...another reason [ to target with a fitness regimen ] is with Type 2 fibers mitochondrial degeneration takes place in old age...much faster degeneration than other fibers"...

7:25: "...only two ways to train Type 2 fibers. Heavy or fast."

StrongFirst  The Origins of StrongFirst Programming: The Soviet System

Mark Wildman YouTube/@MarkWildman

Mark Wildman's YouTube channel is a case of too much of a good thing. I say that not to chase anyone away from it, it is possibly the best place on the internet for intelligent exercise instruction. My warning is there is so much there. He has a diverse range of exercise types he personally has mastered and promotes. I go there for kettlebell videos. You may discover a new area of interest in looking through the vids. He coaches in kettlebell, mace, clubs and ...this is a little different and kind of awesome...aerial acrobatics. He has things to say on nutrition and even the history of tea. He's a smart guy and also seems geniune and down to earth. He's also a Hollywood stuntman, but not sure if his personal training and YouTube gigs have made that gig unnecessary.

Did you notice the part where I said possibly the best place on the internet for intelligent exercise instruction?

Dr. Stuart McGill -Professor Emeritus of Spine Biomechanics at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

McGill is a prominent medical and sports medicine professional with a massive amount of interview content on Youtube. search >>dr stuart mcgill

Dr McGill on Deep Squats

Are deep squats good? is a dumb question. Certain hip shapes can do and very much benefit from deep squats. Other hip shapes cannot do deep squats.

"I’m going to argue now that the deep squat is primarily governed by genetics. Shallow hip sockets are genetic and predispose hip dysplasia, but they also facilitate a deep squat. The highest rate of hip dysplasia in the world is in Poland. It may not surprise you that the great Olympic lifters come from Poland, Bulgaria and the Ukraine. Hip surgeons call it the Dalmatian hip. They sure as hell don’t come from Scotland because if you look at the Celtic populations, they have very deep hip sockets. While a great advantage for walking, standing and rotational power, deep hip sockets are terrible at producing power at the bottom of the deep squat."
Dr McGill on Quadratus Lumborum and Core

Dr McGill: Neural Drive IS Strength

Neural Drive is the neurology component of strength.

How Your Bones Change With Exercise

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